Frequently Asked Questions

Be a host

It's very simple. :

  • You define your hosting conditions
  • We send you requests from potential guests.
  • You accept the request that suits you best.
  • We create the cohabitation agreement from your hosting conditions, we pay you the first month of rent at the arrival of your guest, and accompany you throughout the cohabitation.

To benefit from a dynamic presence that can help you in your everyday life (shopping, computer help, babysitting ...) and / or provide you with additional income.

The registration and the matching service are totally free.
The only condition is to have a single room available of at least 9 m², which will be made available exclusively to the guest.
You can, and you need the consent of your landlord if you want to ask the guest for a financial contribution greater than €200
When a student wants to join the Homiz community, we carefully check their profile and identity. Then, you can consult the profile of students who sent you a request, their presentation (written and sometimes video) and the evaluations they received from their previous hosts. Finally, you have the opportunity to communicate with them to get to know them better before confirming the cohabitation.
Oui. En échange de l’hébergement, vous pouvez demander à votre invité soit des services, soit une contrepartie financière, soit un mix des deux. Si vous êtes locataire d’un logement social, la contrepartie financière est calculée au prorata du loyer et des charges rapporté à la surface habitable du logement.
They may include housekeeping, cooking, babysitting, tutoring, computer help, shopping, or outings (walks, museums ...).
If you'd like a relative (partner, child, carer...) to help you manage your profile and cohabitations, you have the opportunity to enter their contact information so they receive your login details, and can access your account.
Only if you ask for a rent in addition to a possible contribution to charges. If you are a tenant, you will have to set up, with the agreement of your landlord, a sublease contract whose rent and duration will not exceed those of the main lease. If you are a homeowner, you will need to set up lease.
Only if the monthly rent exceeds € 15.42 per m² in Ile-de-France and € 11.33 in the other regions. The area to be taken into account is the room of the young plus the common parts.
Only if they warn you and you give your consent.
Housing a young person usually doesn't require additional insurance to your conventional housing insurance but you can check with your insurance company.
If you have tried in vain to have a peaceful dialogue with him, we will mediate, check compliance with the cohabitation agreement and try to find an friendly solution. If the disagreement persists anyway, you can ask the young person to leave giving one month's notice.
You can freely cancel a cohabitation more than one month before its beginning, or less than one month in case of force majeure. If you decide to cancel a cohabitation less than a month before it starts without an acceptable reason, you will receive a warning. After two warnings, you will have to pay a penalty of 50 € on the first rent of your next cohabitation. After three warnings, this penalty will be 150 €.
If the cancellation occurs more than one month before the cohabitation starts, your ad will be made visible again on the dates of the cohabitation and you will have no trouble finding another guest. If the cancellation occurs less than a month before the beginning of the cohabitation, you will receive your first month of rent if it is less than 200 € and 200 € otherwise.